February 2017 Newsletter

I hope this email finds you well. February is National Heart Month. With cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of death in the United States, it is vital to learn the causes in your life that could lead to cardiovascular disease. Many of the symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease are similar to the ones associated with breast cancer.

The Heart Math Institute researches and develops reliable tools that allows people to strengthen their connection between the mind and body. I have included a video to get you acquainted with how Heart Math works. This program offers unique aspects to the participants' understanding of the benefits of biofeedback (electronic monitoring of a normally automatic bodily function that is used to train someone to learn voluntary control of a function).

How is this important to your breast health?

Coherence between rhythmic patterns and electrical impulses within the heart as well as the brain lead to the appropriate delivery of chemicals to the body and, a healthy body overall. Coherence helps create positive emotions through terms such as clarity synchronization and order. Being in a coherent state gives a sense of harmony and flow in whatever is happening. This is necessary in order for the brain to function properly.

  • Through the overall nervous system
  • Through hormones
  • Through pulse waves
  • Through electromagnetic fields

Meanwhile being in an incoherent state of being upset, anger and imbalanced could harm the body. Long periods of time of being in an incoherent state have been linked to coronary disease as well as sleep disorders, neurological disorders, diabetes, fatigue, a compromised immune system and even cancer.

Maintaining a coherence state within the body can remarkably benefit a person going through a healing journey with breast cancer. How great would it be if you could maintain this state for an extended period of time or in the middle of chaos and crisis? This is possible through coherence.

We now offer this service at our office with a certified Heart Math coach. Contact our office if you would like to set up an appointment or would like to learn more.

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