June 2017

A study done by the National Cancer Institute found that one thing you can do everyday to prevent or heal from cancer more efficiently is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Less than one-third of Breast Cancer survivors meet the recommended minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Patients with the greatest risk reduction are women who commit three to five hours a week of exercise.

All studies indicate that moving your body matters. For women healing Breast Cancer, specifically, exercise helps regulate hormones, including estrogen and insulin and can help reduce the levels of fatty tissue, that allows the body to secrete estrogen. We know that both estrogen and insulin can introduce Breast Cancer growth.

Having a sedentary lifestyle, activities such as prolonged periods of watching TV, sitting, and lying down, are risk factors for developing chronic conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, and premature death.

Exercise also lowers your risk of breast cancer coming back, as well as help you maintain a healthy weight, ease treatment side effects, boost your energy, and so much more.

By strengthening circadian rhythms, exercising can help keep you more bright-eyed during the day and bring on sleep at night. Regular exercise also promotes better quality sleep.

The sooner you start to exercise, the better off you will be. As the studies indicate, it can be as simple as walking - there are plenty of benefits associated with it. Benefits include improved mood, weight loss, improves your heart health, and boosts vitamin D.

I suggest making at least 20 minutes of your day, to move and get your heart rate up. Make this time special. Add some music, some stretching before and after and drink lots of water.

Being active, limiting your alcohol intake, and doing what you can do to maintain a healthy weight throughout life - are the most important steps anyone can take, that are going to help you on your breast health journey from prevention or recovery.

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