It can offer you a "first glance" of your body's condition.

It's the only test that can see the inflammation that all conventional testing misses.

A few examples are:

  • Breast changes.
  • Damage to muscles & tendons.
  • Nerve dysfunction.
  • Organ Dysfunction.
  • Vascular disease, like stroke.

It can show you a graphic, full color picture analysis of a painful condition.

It offers you the chance to regain your health before irreparable damage is done.

-Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging is the screening women have been waiting for...

  • It offers the unique insight of a first glance at developing conditions, long before the much later stage detection of conventional imaging.
  • It also offers the benefit of pure & safe imaging. There is no risk of damage to the fragile cellular DNA or to delicate breast implants.

There are special protocols for the treatment of all early stage conditions; to give a woman the added benefit of prevention, and to avoid development of unwanted disease.

This can save the heartache of treatment and undesirable outcomes associated with later stage detection.

Normal.jpg Fibrocystic.jpg DCIS.jpg Inflammatory.jpg
Normal Fibrocystic DCIS Inflammatory

Why use Thermography for breast screening?

Thermography can see the blood supply that feeds a tumor in its infancy, and the only way to identify it in that stage is to establish a thermographic baseline and monitor every year for the real early signs! Thermography can offer the opportunity to change a person’s health history. We believe prevention is preferable to disease management.

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