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Why a Breast Exam That Utilizes Thermography Could Be Right for You

If you need a breast exam done, you are typically told to visit a hospital or a clinic for a mammogram. Mammograms are effective so it is no surprise that they have become the default screening exam for women looking to find out more about their current condition.  

However, a mammogram is not always the ideal examination if you are screening yourself for breast cancer and other concerning diseases.

For instance, a mammogram is not the most reliable test for examining dense breast tissue. Mammograms also become less reliable when they are used to check the breast tissue of women under the age of 50.

If you’re interested in early cancer screening, a mammogram may not suffice. You should consider additional testing to get a better read on how your body is currently doing. That’s where thermography comes in.

During a thermography session, a technician uses an infrared camera to examine the surface heat produced by the body. In this case, the camera would be pointed at the woman’s breast.

Since cancer cells multiply rapidly, they produce more heat under the skin. Thermography can point that out and the doctor can hone in to figure out what the increased heat readings actually mean. Aside from detecting breast cancer, thermography can also be useful for catching the signs of arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease.

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How to Prepare for Your Thermography Breast Exam

Preparing for your thermography appointment is easy enough because you only have to avoid doing certain things.

On the week of your thermography appointment, you should avoid the tanning booth. As much as possible, you should also try to minimize your exposure to the sun.

When the day arrives, avoid shaving or wearing deodorant. You should also hold off on exercising before your appointment so your body temperature doesn’t skew high as a result of your activity. If you want to drink coffee, get it early in the day so it has no impact on the test.

Women are urged to wear loose-fitting clothing so they can feel nice and cool ahead of the exam. You should also tie your hair up before you head in for the appointment.

The test itself will only take about 30 minutes. Simply stand still until the thermography technician has taken all the necessary images.

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